KP Implex Handels GmbH supplies pellets with ENplus certificate in order to guarantee certified premium quality pellets. A key advantage of ENplus certification is that the pellet quality is checked through the entire supply chain, including production, storage, and transport to the end consumer.

How to recognize the new ENplus quality mark

Why using ENplus certified pellets

It is good for the climate

Pellet emits 10 times less CO2 than conventional sources.

The use of certified pellets reduced by 2 to 4 times the fine dust emissions when compared to non-certified pellets.

It is a guarantee of environmental sustainability and production processes..

It is good for the household budget

It reduces the cost for heating.
Integrating the traditional heating with a pellet system, the savings vary from 20 to 30 %. If I replace the entire heating system, the savings can reach 50%.

It's good for the economy

At the same energy for residential heating, pellet production has an impact on employment in the area up to more than 200 hours per year in more than fossil fuels.