Who we are?

KP Implex GmbH company, working in the wood sector with a multi-year experience, is able to supply high quality wood pellets for eco-friendly heating.

Our wood pellets are made from pure and certified raw materials and do not contain any binders. In KP Implex GmbH’s wood pellets, therefore, you can find only compressed sawdust without bark. All in accordance with the ENplus A1 and ENplus A2 certification’s standards.

We can deliver packed wood pellets in 15 kg bags and 1,000 kg big bags to fully satisfy customer requirements.

Pellet Azienda


Pellet is an ecological, economical and controlled energy source.

The low cost of this fuel, combined with respect for the environment, has made it increasingly popular. While for other energy sources the price grew year after year, for pellet the price has remained substantially the same for several years.

Using wood pellets to heat the house you are friends of nature: in fact, pellets are manufactured from wood waste to obtain a 100% natural quality product.


KP Implex GmbH’s pellet is certified by ENplus, the most important body in pellets sector. ENplus certification guarantees the quality of the product by implementing rigid and continuous controls at all stages of the production chain. From raw materials to production, packaging and distribution of pellets in order to respect and maintain constant characteristics of finished product with high quality parameters.

Certificazione azienda